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Simple Estate Affidavit

Good news for Probate settlement starting January 2024. A simplified probate for assets that fall outside your trust!  Known as the Simple Estate Affidavit, it allows a shorter version of probate for people with assets titled outside their trusts. Historically it has been a single choice when facing probate in Oregon; if your probate assets […]
03/20/24 • by: NW Estate Law, LLC
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Do I need a Will?

Presented at the Oregon Memorial Association by Meredith Williamson on February 10,2024. Click on link below to view: Oregon Memorial Association: "Do I Need a Will?" with Meredith Williamson - YouTube
02/27/24 • by: NW Estate Law, LLC
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Keeping it in the family - Innovative Strategies for Seamless Family Business Succession

Family business succession planning is a critical and often challenging process for many family-owned businesses. The goal of a successful succession plan is to ensure a smooth transition of the business to the next generation, preserving the legacy and values that have been built over the years…
01/20/24 • by: NW Estate Law, LLC
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Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

Creating an estate plan for an unmarried couple is already challenging. However, when the cohabitating couple is in their golden years, it’s especially tricky.
01/17/24 • by: NW Estate Law, LLC
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Understanding the Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax (GSTT)

As an estate planning attorney, I frequently encounter questions regarding the Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax (GSTT). This tax, often overlooked, plays a critical role in the strategic planning of estate transfers. In this article, I aim to demystify the GSTT and provide practical tax tips to those navigating this complex area. Understanding the Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax The Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax is a federal tax on transfers of property that skip a generation. This tax was introduced to prevent families from circumventing estate tax by transferring wealth directly to grandchildren or other “skip persons.” The Mechanics of GSTT The GSTT is levied…
01/07/24 • by: NW Estate Law, LLC
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Navigating Your Retirement - Health and Finances

In an era where living to 100 is becoming increasingly likely, financial planning for retirement takes on a new level of complexity. The Yahoo Finance article, “Retirement Planning: Here’s How Much You’ll Need To Save If You Live to 100”, offers a comprehensive look at this challenge, highlighting the need for a radical shift in our approach to life and financial planning. Understanding the Longevity Revolution The “longevity revolution” concept discussed by Laura L. Carstensen, director of the Center for Longevity, suggests a significant societal shift. This revolution impacts various aspects of life, including health care, personal finance and retirement…
01/07/24 • by: NW Estate Law, LLC
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Estate Planning Tips for Blended Families to Protect New Goals and Loved Ones

Estate planning for blended families presents unique challenges. Unlike traditional family structures, reports Barrons recent article titled, “When Remarrying Creates a Blended Family: Advice From Financial Pros,” blended families often involve complex relationships and diverse financial backgrounds, making the process of estate and financial planning more intricate. This article has tips for blended families on identifying overall estate planning goals and concerns and identifying heirs to protect your new family and future.
01/07/24 • by: NW Estate Law, LLC
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Can I Get My Ex’s Social Security Benefits?

If you’re thinking hard about your Social Security claiming strategy, there may be one aspect you've overlooked. If you're divorced, you may be able to receive Social Security benefits based on your ex-spouse’s work record.
11/11/23 • by: NW Estate Law, LLC
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Meet Our New Attorney

NW Estate Law, LLC is excited to introduce our new attorney, Paul Lemieux. Paul will assist clients with estate planning, probate, probate, and trust administration in Oregon. He is a graduate of Willamette School of Law where he focused on Estate Planning and Elder Law. He has lived in the Hillsboro suburb of Portland, Oregon […]
10/20/23 • by: NW Estate Law, LLC
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Leonard Cohen’s Trust Administration Issues

Leonard Cohen had been burned before. So, in the years before his death in 2016, the “Hallelujah” singer and poet worked to secure most of his multi-million dollar estate for the benefit of his heirs — who are now fighting for total control of the Canadian musician’s assets, The Post has learned.
02/28/23 • by: NW Estate Law, LLC
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Client Success Stories

Mount Hood Senior Solutions
February 7, 2022.
We value and appreciate all of their hard work. Always a pleasure to work with! Communicates effectively and in a timely manner. Highly recommend
Nicole Lu
December 7, 2020.
We used Meredith for our estate planning and cohabitation contract recently after we bought a house. She was very responsive, very Covid aware/safe and lovely to work with.
Daniel Lee
January 7, 2020.
We had a great experience working with Meredith when putting together our estate planning documentation. She was always professional and courteous, explaining legal concepts and terminology in a way that was straightforward for us to understand. Meredith was responsive and open to answering our questions so we could fully evaluate different options. She provided sound recommendations for us to consider based on our current position and point in life. Even given the gravity and importance of the estate planning process, Meredith put us at ease and made us feel comfortable coming to decisions and documenting outcomes that work best for us. We intend to work with Meredith for future needs that we may have, and would highly recommend working with her to others.
Floyd Frick
March 28, 2019.
The best! .... I used Meredith to get me thru an estate settlement. It went smooth. Thanks.
Christine Borchert
August 9, 2018.
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